Welcome to the world of Dead Cells, a captivating roguelike action platformer that has taken the gaming community by storm. In this thrilling adventure, players navigate treacherous dungeons, battle formidable foes, and uncover hidden secrets in a quest for survival.

Dead Cells runes are more than just mere items they are the key to unlocking new paths, abilities, and challenges throughout the game. These mystical artifacts bestow upon players unique powers and open up previously inaccessible areas, enriching the gameplay experience and enhancing the sense of exploration and discovery.

Starter Runes: Where to Begin

Starter runes are the first step in your quest to master the secrets of Dead Cells. These runes provide fundamental abilities that are crucial for progressing through the game and accessing new areas.

Vine Rune dead cells vine rune

About Vine Rune

Found in the Promenade of the Condemned: Journey through the eerie halls of the Promenade of the Condemned to discover the Vine Rune. This vital rune is hidden in a hall under an overpass, guarded by the formidable Undead Archer elite enemy.

How to Get The Vine Rune

Dropped by the Undead Archer elite enemy: Defeat the Undead Archer to claim the Vine Rune as your own. Be prepared for a challenging battle as you face off against this formidable foe.

You can find the Undead Archer elite when going to the end of the map and going in the door with an orange background

dead cells Undead Archer elite

What Does Vine Rune Do

Grants access to Toxic Sewers and further travel through the Promenade of the Condemned: With the Vine Rune in your possession, you can climb vines and access previously unreachable areas. Traverse the Toxic Sewers and continue your journey through the Promenade of the Condemned with newfound agility and versatility.

Teleportation Rune dead cells teleportation rune

About Teleportation Rune

Found in the Toxic Sewers: Dive into the depths of the Toxic Sewers to uncover the Teleportation Rune. This powerful rune awaits in a room with an elite enemy, ready to challenge any brave adventurer who dares to seek it out.

How to Get The Teleportation Rune

Dropped by the Slasher elite enemy: Defeat the Slasher elite enemy to claim the Teleportation Rune and harness its teleportation abilities. Prepare for a fierce battle as you confront this formidable adversary. Remember that you need the Vine Rune to get the Teleportation Rune

When you are in the Toxic Sewers for the first time you should be able to see a person’s hands behind bars, he will give you a story about the Rune. Once you are done talking to him, keep roaming around the map till you find him again, and the second time you will see a drop-down, where you will fight the Slasher elite.

dead cells the slasher elite

What Does Teleportation Rune Do

Grants access to Dilapidated Arboretum, Ossuary, Morass of the Banished, Forgotten Sepulcher, Stilt Village, Slumbering Sanctuary, Graveyard: With the Teleportation Rune at your disposal, you can traverse the island of Dead Cells with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Unlock new paths, discover hidden secrets, and embark on epic adventures across a vast and sprawling landscape.

Exploration Runes: Venturing Deeper

Exploration runes are the key to unlocking the full potential of Dead Cells. With their assistance, adventurers can chart unexplored territories, uncover hidden secrets, and reveal the true extent of the game’s vast and mysterious landscapes.

Ram Rune dead cells Ram Rune

About Ram Rune

Found in the Ossuary: Delve into the ancient halls of the Ossuary to discover the Ram Rune. This invaluable rune lies hidden in a special room guarded by the formidable Slasher elite enemy.

How to Get The Ram Rune

Dropped by the Slasher elite enemy: Defeat the Slasher elite enemy to claim the Ram Rune and unlock its powerful abilities. Prepare for a fierce confrontation as you battle against this formidable adversary. Remember that to get this rune you will need the Vine Rune and Teleportation Rune

Getting to the Slasher might be a little bit tricky since the Ossuary map is so big, but just keep exploring the whole map till you find a room with metal doors, once you go inside the doors will shut till you defeat the Slasher.

dead cells Ossuary Slasher elite

What Does Ram Rune Do

Grants access to Ancient Sewers: With the Ram Rune in your possession, you can break through certain floors and access new areas previously beyond your reach. Venture into the depths of the Ancient Sewers and uncover the secrets that lie hidden beneath the surface.

Explorer’s Rune dead cells Explorer's Rune

About Explorer’s Rune

Found in the Forgotten Sepulcher: Explore the eerie depths of the Forgotten Sepulcher to uncover the Explorer’s Rune. This mysterious rune awaits in a chamber guarded by the enigmatic Two Dark Trackers.

How to Get The Explorer’s Rune

Dropped by Two Dark Trackers: Overcome the challenge posed by the Two Dark Trackers to claim the Explorer’s Rune as your own. Prepare yourself for a formidable encounter as you face off against these elusive adversaries.

For me, this would be the hardest rune to get since it’s the Forgotten Sepulcher, but you just have to explore the whole map till you find the Two Dark Trackers, once you defeat them keep going forward and you will see a room with spinning Mace’s and also the Explorers Rune in the middle.

dead cells Two Dark Trackers

What Does Explorer’s Rune Do

Reveals the whole map and its points of interest once most of the level is explored: With the Explorer’s Rune in your possession, you gain the ability to uncover the entire map and reveal points of interest such as scrolls, merchants, and hidden secrets. Explore with confidence, knowing that no corner of the game world will remain hidden from your sight.

Combat Runes: Enhancing Your Abilities

Combat runes are the cornerstone of any skilled warrior’s arsenal in Dead Cells. With their unique abilities, these runes augment your combat prowess and provide invaluable tools for vanquishing your foes.

Spider Rune dead cells Spider Rune

About Spider Rune

Found in the Slumbering Sanctuary: Navigate the shadowy corridors of the Slumbering Sanctuary to uncover the Spider Rune. This elusive rune awaits in a chamber guarded by the formidable Caster elite enemy.

How to Get The Spider Rune

Dropped by the Caster elite enemy: Defeat the Caster elite enemy to claim the Spider Rune and unlock its incredible abilities. Prepare for a challenging battle as you face off against this formidable opponent.

To get to the Caster elite you have some traveling to do. You will need to go to Slumbering Sanctuary after defeating Conjunctivius in the Insufferable Crypt. Once you are in the Sanctuary explore the map till you find a drop-down with a red banner where you will meet the Caster elite. 

dead cells Caster elite

What Does Spider Rune Do

Grants the ability to cling to walls: With the Spider Rune in your possession, you gain the ability to cling to walls, granting you unparalleled mobility and the ability to traverse vertical surfaces with ease.

Homunculus Rune dead cells Homunculus Rune

About Homunculus Rune

Found in the Throne Room: Venture into the heart of the Dead Cells world to discover the Homunculus Rune. This powerful rune awaits in the Throne Room, hidden away in the lair of the Hand of the King.

How to Get The Homunculus Rune

Acquired automatically after defeating the Hand of the King: After vanquishing the Hand of the King in a climactic battle, you will automatically acquire the Homunculus Rune. Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown against this formidable adversary.

This is the last rune you will get because you can only get it when finishing the game or the final boss, there is still a bunch of stuff to do after this though. Be ready, this one is a difficult fight.

dead cells Hand of the King

What Does Homunculus Rune Do

Grants the ability to leave your body and interact with objects from a distance: With the Homunculus Rune in your possession, you gain the ability to leave your body behind and interact with objects from a distance. Use this newfound power to outmaneuver your enemies and overcome obstacles with ease.

Miscellaneous Runes: For The Fun Of It

Customization Rune dead cells Customization Rune

About Customization Rune

Found in the Ramparts: Seek out the Customization Rune in a room close to the entrance of the Ramparts. This versatile rune unlocks the Custom Mode, offering players the freedom to tailor their Dead Cells experience according to their preferences.

How to Get The Customization Rune

Guardian: Defeat either an Undead Archer or a Zombie to claim the Customization Rune. Show your prowess in combat and prove yourself worthy of this powerful artifact.

You will get this rune by simply exploring and fighting, probably the first rune you will get.

What Does Customization Rune Do

Unlocks Custom Mode: With the Customization Rune in your possession, you gain access to Custom Mode, where you can adjust various game settings and parameters to suit your playstyle. Explore Dead Cells in a way that suits you best and tailor the experience to your liking.

Challenger’s Rune dead cells Challenger's Rune

About Challenger’s Rune

Found on the Black Bridge: Venture onto the Black Bridge and confront the mighty Concierge to obtain the Challenger’s Rune. This prestigious rune grants access to the daily challenge, offering a unique and exciting gameplay experience.

How to Get The Challenger’s Rune

Defeat the Concierge: Test your skills in combat against the formidable Concierge, the guardian of the Challenger’s Rune. Only by emerging victorious can you claim this coveted artifact and unlock the path to the Daily Run.

dead cells black bridge Concierge

What Does Challenger’s Rune Do

Grants Access to Daily Run: With the Challenger’s Rune in your possession, you gain entry to the daily challenge, where you can compete against other players and strive for glory and rewards. Test your mettle and see how you stack up against the best in Dead Cells.

Mastering the Hunt for Dead Cells Runes

Unlocking runes in Dead Cells requires strategy and skill. Here are some tips to help you on your journey:

General Tips for Rune Hunting

  • Explore thoroughly: Search every corner of each biome to uncover hidden rune locations.
  • Defeat elites: Elite enemies guard many runes, so be prepared for challenging battles.
  • Experiment with different builds: Try out various weapons, skills, and mutations to find the best setup for rune hunting.

Efficient Routes for Collecting Runes

  • Plan your route: Plot out the most efficient path to reach rune locations and minimize backtracking.
  • Prioritize key areas: Focus on accessing biomes with multiple rune locations to maximize your progress.
  • Utilize shortcuts: Unlock shortcuts and teleportation monoliths to streamline your travels.

But most importantly have fun, strategizing isn’t for everyone, so you can just explore and see what happens.

Post-Rune Content: What Comes Next?

Acquiring all runes in Dead Cells is just the beginning of your adventure. Here’s what awaits you after obtaining these powerful artifacts:

Benefits of Acquiring All Runes

  • Access to new areas: Unlock hidden paths and biomes previously inaccessible without certain runes, expanding the scope of your exploration. For example, getting all 3 gardener’s keys to unlock the Explosive crossbow.
  • Enhanced gameplay options: Utilize runes to access alternate game modes, challenges, and secrets, providing endless replayability.

Accessing New Areas and Content

  • Explore hidden secrets: Use runes to uncover hidden areas, discover lore fragments, and unlock new challenges scattered throughout the game world.
  • Dive deeper into the lore: Uncover the mysteries of Dead Cells’ world by delving into hidden areas and uncovering the secrets they hold.

Challenges and Rewards After Obtaining All Runes

  • Daily and weekly challenges: Participate in daily and weekly challenges to test your skills against other players and earn exclusive rewards.
  • Pursue completionist goals: Strive to complete achievements, challenges, and unlockables to fully master the game and achieve 100% completion.


Congratulations, brave adventurer, on embarking on the journey to master the runes of Dead Cells. With determination, skill, and strategic planning, you can overcome any challenge and unlock the secrets of this captivating world. Remember, the path to mastery is paved with perseverance and discovery. May your adventures be fruitful, and may the runes guide you to victory in Dead Cells.

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