Axes are indispensable tools and weapons in Old School RuneScape, essential for both woodcutting and combat. Knowing where to buy bxes in Old School RuneScape can save valuable time and resources. In this guide, we’ll explore the various axe shops scattered across Gielinor, providing you with all the information you need to stock up on these crucial items.

Locations of Axe Shops in OSRS:


  • Bob’s Brilliant Axes (Lumbridge): Situated in the iconic town of Lumbridge, Bob’s Brilliant Axes offers a range of axes from bronze to steel, as well as battleaxes from iron to mithril (excluding black and white battleaxes).
  • Brian’s Battleaxe Bazaar (Port Sarim): Located in Port Sarim, Brian’s Battleaxe Bazaar is the go-to destination for battleaxes, offering a selection from bronze to adamant (excluding white battleaxes). It’s also the sole provider of black battleaxes in the game.


  • Mount Karuulm Weapon Shop (Mount Karuulm): Nestled in Mount Karuulm, this shop offers a variety of battleaxes from steel to adamant (excluding black and white battleaxes).
  • Perry’s Chop-chop Shop (Woodcutting Guild): Found within the Woodcutting Guild, Perry’s Chop-chop Shop provides a range of axes from bronze to rune (excluding black axes).
  • Warrior Guild Armoury (Warriors’ Guild): Within the prestigious Warriors’ Guild, the Armoury sells battleaxes from iron to mithril (excluding black and white battleaxes).

Other Shops that Sell Axes:

While dedicated axe shops offer a wide selection, several other shops across Gielinor also sell axes. These include general stores, ranging from Lumbridge to Varrock, where players can sometimes find basic axes available for purchase. Additionally, players can obtain axes as drops from various monsters, through trading with other players or buying them from the Grand Exchange.

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